Audio Description

Audio Description
ad_logo“Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning” – Maya Angelou

Audio Description (AD) makes the visual images of media accessible for people who are blind and partially sighted— the visual is made verbal.

Using words that are succinct, vivid, and imaginative, describers convey the visual images, body language expressions and movements weaving in-between the spoken word just like a narrator telling a story.

Ginger and Blue believe AD should enhance all viewers experience and become an integral part of the film rather than an add on or after thought.

AD is a growing industry with all major television channels now audio describing 20% of their programmes.

There are almost two million people in the world living with sight loss and with an aging population this number will only increase. AD for film and television offers the means for blind and partially sighted people to have access to information and entertainment just like anyone else. Do we not have a moral obligation to make film and television accessible for all?

Ginger and Blue have audio described hundreds of titles including, Paralympic Opening Ceremony 2012, My Week with Marilyn, The Social Network, Footloose, Stella, The Expendables, Hannibal, Touch, Starlings, Yonderland and The Café.